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MARCH 2018: Bringing you an Enchanted Fairy Woodland Theme Event

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I have always been fascinated with Fairies since being a young child. So when we got a brief through from a client asking for our help to design an enchanted fairy woodland ball our team were beyond excited and couldn’t wait to get started and let our inner child come to play.

We sat down and drew up concepts of an enchanted forest. We knew the New Docks in Leeds did not allow lit candles, so we came up with an idea to use LED lights and candles to provide a magical enchanted feel to the event.

We chose to use our blossom trees with straight white branches as they bring a lot of greenery, so provide more of a woodland feel.

We dressed our trees with hanging baubles filled with moss and LED lights to give the feel as though fairies were hiding away and lived amongst the trees.

If you take a closer look, you can see nestled in the blossom trees were our very own woodland beautiful fairies twisting and flying through the branches.

The base of our blossom trees were dressed with our secret woodland fairy door that leads beneath the trees and up into the fairies' secret chambers.

We chose to use real tree stumps of all different shapes and sizes and litter them on the ground. We displayed cylinder vases filled with moss and fairy lights where groups of fairies were congregating and hiding. We used magical red toadstools to surround them to create the ultimate enchanted setting.

These are the Items that helped us to transform the New Docks Leeds University Ball into a fairy woodland theme:

Blossom trees with white straight branches

Magical toadstools

Woodland fairy doors


Wooden logs


Hanging baubles

Cylinder vases

LED lights

LED candles

Silver easel

Silver mirrors

Natasha, our client, sent us a lovely email “ Just wanted to say a massive thank you for your help at the ball last week. Everyone loved the trees and the mirrors!”

Thank you Natasha for choosing us as your venue stylists.

From everyone here at Set The Scene. We hope you all have a magical Easter with your loved ones.

Love Set The Scene Team xx

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