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Welcome To Our First Blog at Set The Scene: Introducing Our Wedding Blossom Trees

Our Latest Weddings, Events & News.

To Kick Start 2018 we thought it would be a perfect opportunity to start our very own blog, to keep you up to date with Set The Scenes new products and featured Weddings.

Latest News:

Our Images from our Florence wedding are in and I am sure you can agree it was a very elegant and stunning location. The full gallery can be seen in our wedding gallery by clicking on the link below:

We are delighted to have this wedding featured in 'Wedding Ideas' the UK's best selling wedding magazine in their valentines special. Make sure you grab your copy which has just hit the shelves in Marks and Spencers and WHS.

The Items that helped us to transform Castello Di Vincigliata in Florence are as followed:

Silver Beaded Charger Plates

White Easel

Floral Table plan

Crystal Gem Candelabra

Silver Rimmed Glass Vase

Silver Rimmed Tealight

Flute Vase

Crystal Silver Photoframe

Confetti and Poncho baskets

Hurricane Lanterns

Champagne Sequin Tablecloth

Trio Stemmed Candle Holder.

White Chiavari Chairs

(All currently available to hire at Set The Scene)

Our Favourite Items of the month:

With the arrival of our Wedding Blossom trees we couldn't resist but to feature them. We have opted to source the most realistic wedding trees we could find to create that ultimate wow factor.

We have invested in 3 variations to provide the grandest of transformations:

1) Table Top Blossom Trees:

Our table top wedding trees for hire are 6 ft in height. Once placed in the centre of the table, the blossom branches drape above guests, creating a stunning canopy of blossom.

The real wood trunk effect allows guests to still view each other without having blossom at eye level. (Shown Below)

2) Large Free Standing Blossom Trees:

Our Freestanding Trees are 9.2ft in height and look stunning when created as an aisle walkway. With hanging baubles, it really creates a romantic and fairytale feel, like something from a movie.

3) Canopy Blossom Trees:

Our Canopy Trees are 3.2 m they look beautiful at the top of an aisle or over the top table.

We can't wait to showcase our very own very own Images of the tree canopys

We have opted for two variations of Blossoms: Either the straight white blossom branch or our favorite being the falling blossom branch. As shown in the Images below ( Left: Straight Blossom / Right: Falling Blossom)

What's more is we have a fabulous offer to introduce our Table Top Blossom tree to our brides. Check out our special offer section for further details.

Lastly, Hope you all have a fantastic Christmas and Wishing you all our couples past, current and future all the best for 2018.

Love Set The Scene Team xx

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