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Wedding Tree Hire

All of our trees are available in all 3 sizes:

Table trees, Tall aisle trees and Canopy trees. For inside use only

Exciting News: All our tree collections now come in our brand new matching circle moongates.

Wisteria canopy tree hire
280cm witseria tree .jpg
canopy tree pink_edited.jpg
white straight blossom 280.jpg
B tree.jpg
White straight blossom table tree.jpg
pink tree.jpg
canopy blossom tree.jpg
280cm blossom tree.jpg
pink straight blossom table tree.jpg
pink straight blossom 280cm.jpg
peachy pink blossom tree_edited.jpg
peach blossom table tree.jpg
280cm peach blossom tree.jpg
red cherry 280cm.jpg
red cherry table tree.jpg
red cherry canopy tree.jpg
holly canopy tree _edited.jpg
holly white table tree .jpg
canopy Autumn tree.jpg
280cm Ficus .jpg
green tree.jpg
Autumn tree.jpg
280cm holly tree .jpg
green tree canopy.jpg
Autumn Tree.jpg

Wedding trees to hire in the UK: We offer cherry blossom trees in white and peachy/pink, pink and red, wisteria trees, Ruscus trees, Pink Bougainvillea and greenary trees for weddings or events. Our table tree centerpieces make the perfect wedding decoration. Larger trees help set an aisle or hang beautifully over a top table.

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