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Freestanding White Victorian Pillar Postbox Hire

If you're looking for a lockable post box but wanted something a little different from your typical royal mail post box, then you have come to the right place.

Our Victorian free-standing post box for hire is our new addition to our card box collection.

Fitted on a turned pillar, cast in aluminium and finished in white with a detailed and sculptured top box it is set on a splendid column.

Our Victorian pillar post box has a brass letter flap in gold which finishes its periodic look.

Perfect to hold cards for weddings, anniversaries, birthday, christenings and other special occasions. 


Product Name: Freestanding White Victorian Pillar Postbox Hire

Product Code: 124CH 

Colour: White 

Height: 117cm

Width: 39cm

Colour: White 

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